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I’ve been reading Pluto by Naoki Urasawa. It has knocked me on the floor - exceptionally good.

Quickly scribbled Atom, here.


Request: Pluto - Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto (spoilers)

bacchusdiem asked:

Hey do Pluto from Urasawa’s Pluto please (Volume 7)

Wow, this request is right up my alley.  I adore Naoki Urasawa, and Pluto is really incredible.  I messed with a little stuff to make him sound more Pluto-y.

But seriously, go read Pluto if you haven’t.  Really fantastic psychological thriller take on an Astro Boy arc.  Then go read everything else Naoki Urasawa has ever written.


We just started our Summer Popularity Contest : each week, several characters from any Urasawa’s work face off another contestant (chosen randomly). The fans then vote for their favorite character in these “battles” and only one character will remain at the end, thus being crowned the Most Popular Urasawa Character (among the 64 contestants)!

The Contest is played in French but you can vote too since you only have to post your choices with the names of the characters!

Join the Contest here : http://www.labasesecrete.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?p=33215#p33215



hatred and the field of flowers.


A quick doodle of my favourite comic Pluto! It’s this really cute story that follows the life of  a Europol detective and his wife thinking about adopting their first child of their own! So I decided to draw Helena getting distracted by children’s toys while they’re out shopping the morning after talking about adopting.

Throughout Pluto, you meet all these great characters that they befriend, and you get attached to everyone! It’s such a great read, and you should check it out if you haven’t read it yet!

And it’s completed! There’s about 8 volumes, but you can complete it in about 3-4 hours if you cannonball through it!

Click here to start!


“Hay que endurecerse, pero sin perder la ternura” - Che Guevara

I’ve been reading a lot about Naoki Urasawa’s feminist approach to his stories reflected in his strong female characters. But his male characters denounce the same feminism in a different way.

Seriously, can we just appreciate the sheer, unabashed tenderness these guys exhibit:












Most of the time it’s not a protective, heroic type of tenderness associated with the male gender - just a harmless, prosaic, friendly, I’m-here-for-you type of tenderness.

So. Fuckin. SWEET. ;3;

Sensitive Urasawa Men TM


Brau-1589: A Fandub of Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto

This is a reupload because Shogakukan/YouTube cracked down on the two Urasawa videos I made for copyright reasons.  I made this about two years ago, but I’m still very pleased with it, all voices and editing by me, yadda yadda yadda.

Any videos of mine that get taken down from YouTube will go up to my new Dailymotion account instead.  Which kinda sucks cause Dailymotion is essentially an irrelevant YouTube, but it’s better than Vimeo and their ridiculous 500 MB VIDEO LIMIT.  Vimeo’s garbage.

The 20th Century Boys fandub will also be posted as soon as it’s uploaded.

I remember when I first read Pluto, I never thought a book about basically a re-telling of a arc on Astro boy and robot and shit would make me cry.



I reread pluto for a painting I want to do, and now I don’t even want to touch the painting. So I decided to do this instead, with uh Gesicht out of character :V Now back to my hole to continue paintiiiiinnngg

I’ve also edited this like 4 times before upload, my eyes are bleeding oRANGE