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Yuriko Hiraga (or is that Jacky from Billy Bat? They look a LOT like each other) stealing the show in Master Keaton Remaster’s 7th chapter. The story takes place in Malta.

Next chapter is due in August.

What was the song Peter Capek was listening to when he heard the Baby had been murdered? That sound track show up several times in the series, but it doesn't seem to part of the original soundtrack collections. Thanks :D

oooh man i have no clue. :( It’s been year since I lost watched Monster.


In episode 19, “Journey to Freiham”, Tenma and Dieter encounter Mr. and Mrs. Jones, British visitors having a difficult time with the German language barrier. In exchange for a lift, Tenma helps them maneuver throughout the country until they reach their son, who is being held in a Bavarian prison.

A few of the sights they see along the way are displayed above. The top image is of Schloß Neuschwanstein, a castle near the Bavarian city of Füssen. Below that is where Tenma and Dieter part ways with their new friends — Konrad-Adenauer-Straße in the village of Dachau. The final image shows Mr. and Mrs. Jones standing outside Stadelheim Prison in Munich, where they prepare to meet their son.

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Viz Media Adds Master Keaton and Resident Evil to Signature Line


Viz Media Adds Master Keaton and Resident Evil to Signature Line

Viz Media is on a roll with exciting PR. The publisher released another set of press releases yesterday with new licenses  to announce, including these two titles for their Viz Signature imprint:

Master Keaton - Hokusei Katsushika/Takashi Nagasaki & Naoki Urasawa
Resident Evil - Naoki Serizawa

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Naoki Urasawa was at the Rolling Stones’ Tokyo Dome show on February 26th : he published a short article about the band and a sketch of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in Asahi Shimbun’s March 5th edition.


The birthday of Johan and Nina has always been a topic of speculation. Although the manga marks the year as 1975, the day or month has remained a mystery, generally thought to fall around May.

The images above illustrate a conversation Nina has with her father after seeing some children wearing costumes earlier in the day. He explains that their outfits are in celebration of Saint Adrian, a Herculian Guard who was martyred on March 4, 306 after becoming a Christian convert.

The Heidelberg arc takes place over the span of seven days, meaning the twins’ birthday falls on March 10, 1975

A more detailed analysis can be found here.


"No, he’ll be fine."

Monster screencap redraw! This is from episode 20 - Journey to Freiham.



The haunting melody that plays during Monster's opening, “Grain”, is arguably a very memorable part of the anime. Accompanied by a selection of animations, it features locations seen throughout the series, many of which can be found in real life.

The top row contains one of the opening’s first slides, known by fans as the “Scenery for a Doomsday”. It can be found by the Ore Mountains near the Czech-German border.

The second row features the doorway to the New Town Hall in Munich, and the final two are near Nové Město and Charles Bridge in Prague.

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This is the coolest post.

One of my dreams is to visit ALL of the locations featured in Monster. T_T


These covers were brought to my attention here, so here’s a larger version. I’m excited for these Yawara! kanzenban.

(Though the caption of the first cover is a little spoiler-y, isn’t it? lol)



Request: Dr. Tenma - Monster (spoilery)


toongal asked:

I hope I’m not bothering you, but did you ever get my Monster request for Dr. Tenma? If you don’t think you can pull it off, that’s fine.

I’ve only seen Monster subbed, so I have no real reference for what Tenma sounds like in English.  Not that it matters, cause I’d rather play the character my own way anyway.  I really like this scene where he pleads with Nina.

also available on soundcloud