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I meant online, you can find the Raws but not the translation :(

Aww, really? Mmm, i checked but it seems most translators have only gone up to volume 16. Just be patient, translating takes a looot of work. They’ll get through all the volumes eventually!

Do you know where i can find all the volumes of Happy!? I can only find the first 16 volumes :(

Like to buy? I have no clue. :( Does anyone know?


I tried to draw the younger, scarier Bonaparta. He was so creepy. It’s weird that as an old man he seems so drastically different.


I’ve been reading Pluto by Naoki Urasawa. It has knocked me on the floor - exceptionally good.

Quickly scribbled Atom, here.



Kanna Endou, the most powerful, clever, & bravest girl I’ve known, yet fragile at the same time. She’s my favourite. :)

Gonna finish this piece later if I had the time :9


Naoki Urasawa was at the Rolling Stones’ Tokyo Dome show on February 26th : he published a short article about the band and a sketch of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in Asahi Shimbun’s March 5th edition.